Excalibur Talks Wrestling With No Fans, Who Is In The Stands At AEW Recordings

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Excalibur Talks Wrestling With No Fans, Who Is In The Stands At AEW Recordings


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Current AEW announcer Excalibur recently joined The Sports Bubble podcast and discussed what it’s been like for the AEW superstars to compete in front of no fans. He also went into some detail about who is in the stands at the current AEW tapings.

Excalibur said that they have the wrestlers that are not competing on that episode at ringside. He also said, “AEW is owned by the Khan family who also owns the Jacksonville Jaguars. We are recording our shows adjacent to the football stadium in Jacksonville. So the Jags employees, friends, and family fill out the rest of the crowd. There are basically around 50 people that are in the audience and they are all spaced out. If you are coming backstage and into contact with an employee, whether you are a wrestler, lighting guy, pyro guy, or catering employee, you get tested.”

As far as wrestling without fans, Excalibur says that nobody is happy about the current situation but that it has turned into the reality where nothing can be done. “It’s so much better to be wrestling in front of 50 people rather than 0 people. We did the first sets of tapings with absolutely no crowd and it is bizarre that as an announcer, I can hear my voice echoing throughout the building.”

You can watch the entire clip below.

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