Examining the Lack of Audience Response to Xia Li: A Call for WWE’s Attention

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WWE/Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer Bully Ray believes WWE needs to look into why Xia Li is getting quiet reactions from the fans at events.

In addition to her ongoing feud with Becky Lynch, Li has recently set her sights on NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria, who dethroned Lynch last month.


On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Bully critiqued Li’s performances and pointed out the subdued reactions she receives from the WWE Universe. He said,

“If you listened to the crowd last night, from the moment Xia Li’s music hit, to the moment we see Xia Li, to the moment that we see Xia Li do her Mortal Kombat thing with the rings, to the moment the bell rings and we see her wrestle, to the moment the bell rings and the match is over, to the moment that Xia Li is off the screen, what did the crowd tell you about their investment in Xia Li last night?

“What concerned me for Xia last night [on RAW] is it’s not like this woman was sent out there cold. They’ve invested some intricate aspects … to the presentation of her character.

“I didn’t even hear kids reacting last night. I spend a lot of time listening to pro wrestling because it tells you what you need to know and I listened intently last night to Xia Li and there was just no reaction, and they’re gonna kinda need to examine that.” 

On this week’s episode of WWE RAW, Li defeated Indi Hartwell. The Chinese Superstar will face Becky Lynch on next week’s show.

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WWE/Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer Bully Ray has expressed his concerns about the lack of reaction from fans towards Xia Li during her performances. Li, who is currently involved in a feud with Becky Lynch and has set her sights on NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria, has been receiving subdued reactions from the WWE Universe.

During an episode of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Bully Ray critiqued Li’s performances and highlighted the lack of crowd investment in her character. He pointed out that from the moment Li’s music hit to the moment she wrestled and left the screen, there was minimal reaction from the audience.

Bully Ray acknowledged that WWE has invested in the presentation of Li’s character, including her Mortal Kombat-inspired entrance with the rings. However, he expressed his concern about the lack of response, even from children in the audience. He emphasized the importance of paying attention to crowd reactions as they provide valuable insights into the fans’ investment in a wrestler.

In a recent episode of WWE RAW, Li emerged victorious against Indi Hartwell. She is scheduled to face Becky Lynch on next week’s show, which will be a significant opportunity for her to gauge the audience’s response and address the concerns raised by Bully Ray.

As fans eagerly await Li’s upcoming match, it remains to be seen how WWE will address the issue of her quiet reactions from the crowd. The company may need to examine various factors, such as character development, storytelling, and audience engagement, to ensure that Li receives the desired reaction from fans.

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