Ex-WWE Commentators Say Spanish Announce Table Is Like Kenny From South Park

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WWE might have used numerous Spanish-speaking analysts over the years, however these commentators have actually needed to get utilized to working without a table.

For numerous matches, the Spanish reveal table has actually been smashed, something that Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savinovich understand everything about.

Speaking in a joint interview for the Ten Count podcast, Savinovich compared the Spanish reveal table to Kenny, the popular South Park character who’s frequently eliminated, simply to return the next episode.

“We resembled the Kenny’s of the WWE. By the time they reached the centerpiece at the coliseums, if the Spanish table was not broken, the fans would begin shrieking that they desired the table to break.”

Cabrera described that WWE makes certain to loosen up the table prior to the break to guarantee the area takes place as prepared.

“It’s being held together securely however then by the time the area comes, they fine-tune it a bit and some other times, they had some other techniques of holding the table together.”

Cabrera likewise talked about an event at the St. Valentines Day 1999 Pay-Per-View, where Mr. McMahon was expected to go through the table.

The veteran commentator discussed that it was his task to pull a pin out that would loosen up the table, however the pin did not work together.

“I see Vince flying towards the table and my entire life travels through my side. I stated, ‘‘ Oh My God!’ and the last 2nd, oh lastly the pin is out, and boom!” Cabrera exposed.

“At that time, it was a sturdy table so that pin, if that pin did not come out, I suggest it like for sure Vince will go to the healthcare facility.”

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin would win that match with the Chairman, making a WWF Championship match at WrestleMania 15.