Ex-WWE Author Discusses Why Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins Opened WrestleMania 35

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When he opens a WWE pay-per-view occasion, Brock Lesnar is understood for going home early specifically. At WrestleMania 35, Lesnar lost the WWE Championship to Seth Rollins in the opening match of the gala occasion.

Dave Schilling, who was on the WWE imaginative group at the time, kept in mind that Lesnar’s championship was in fact moved from the semi-main occasion position so that The Beast might leave for house as early as possible.

Schilling tweeted:

” Brock and Seth was expected to semi-main and last minute Brock altered it to the opener so he might go home early. That pressed Lashley and Finn to an area when the crowd was flatter than a plate loaded with piss.”

” Oh no it’s Kurt Angle Vs Baron Corbin. When it was pointed out in a production conference that the fans disliked the concept of this match, Vince chuckled so difficult and stated ‘f ** k em.'”

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