Ex-WCW Referee Comments On Backstage Fight Between Vader & Paul Orndorff

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Former WCW referee Nick Patrick has seen several backstage fights over the course of his career, but he’s never been involved in one himself.

Speaking on this week’s “Monday Mailbag” podcast for AdFreeShows, Patrick opened up on seeing a backstage altercation between Paul Orndorff and Vader, which involved Orndorff kicking Vader several times in the face.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if he was ever part of a fight backstage: “I’ve had arguments with a couple people, but nothing that would become physical ever, not ever. I’ve seen other folks do it, but I didn’t do it.”

On the backstage fight between Orndorff and Vader: “I saw that start to finish, both rounds, it was a little two-rounder. I was the one who once Paul stopped kicking [Vader] – I kinda’ grabbed him like ‘Paul he’s not moving, let’s get out of here,’ and I ran with Paul.”

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