Ex-GCW Announcer Kevin Gill Accuses Promotion Of Not Paying Him

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Former GCW announcer Kevin Gill has said the promotion still owes him money for services he provided for the company during his tenure.

Gill was the voice of Game Changer Wrestling since 2019 but vanished from the promotion in late 2022.


While speaking on the “Business of the Business podcast,” Gill detailed his GCW departure. He said,

“It’s sad, in a way. It hurts a lot. I think you’re seeing it now. At first it was, ‘It’s just Smart Mark Video that can’t get along with Brett (Lauderdale).’ Then it’s ‘Oh, it’s just Rickey Shane Page. It’s just Eric Ryan.’ Now it’s, ‘Oh, Kevin is a problem. Alex Colon is a problem.’ It makes you wonder, are all of us a problem or is the problem something else?

“For me, GCW is something that I loved whole-heartedly, I gave my heart and soul. I worked a lot behind the scenes with Brett and putting stuff together and the logistics of events and anything I could do because I truly felt like this was something we were doing. Like, we are the revolution.

“At the end of the day, my issue, I guess I don’t have a definitive feeling in the end because I have an unresolved issue with GCW in that, I’m owed money by GCW and I haven’t spoken about that. To say I’ve given a myriad of time, this goes back to the summer and fall of last year that I was inquiring about this money, needing this money. I was about to move back east and I was in a tough situation for life.

“You get that wake up call, ‘Oh, no one matters at all, everyone is interchangeable, commentary doesn’t matter.’ Ask anyone who watches wrestling, I’ve been watching the A&E Biography stuff. Every moment is punctuated by the commentary. Those are part of the moments.”

Gill did not give a specific figure as to how much he is owed by GCW and the promotion has not given a comment on his claims at this time.

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