Evaluation: WWE Officials Express Strong Support for Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin

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The Wolfdogs (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin) defeated Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams to win the 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament at Sunday night’s WWE NXT: Vengeance Day 2024 pay-per-view event.

Fightful Select is reporting that WWE officials are high on the duo, who have won over “several” people backstage with their chemistry.

While Breakker and Corbin were put together as a team last month, “several important names” have noticed how the duo has gotten over in such a short period of time.

People backstage at the January 23 episode of WWE NXT commented on how the team was getting popular with fans.

Breakker has also received praise for his athleticism while Corbin is said to be “all class” since his return to the NXT brand. Corbin was further praised for not “treating the move as a demotion.”

While there were plans of keeping Breakker and Corbin together longer than intended, the former NXT World Champion is likely to be part of the main roster full-time as soon as tonight.

The Wolfdogs (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin) emerged victorious in the 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament at WWE NXT: Vengeance Day 2024. This win has garnered attention from WWE officials, who are impressed with the chemistry displayed by the duo.

According to reports from Fightful Select, Breakker and Corbin have managed to win over “several” individuals backstage with their performances. Despite being paired together only a month ago, the duo has quickly gained popularity and recognition from important figures within the company.

Fans at the January 23 episode of WWE NXT also noticed the rising popularity of the team. The audience’s positive response further solidified the notion that Breakker and Corbin are resonating with viewers.

Breakker, in particular, has been praised for his athleticism. His skills inside the ring have caught the attention of both fans and those working behind the scenes. On the other hand, Corbin has been described as “all class” since his return to the NXT brand. He has also received acclaim for not treating his move back to NXT as a demotion.

Initially, there were plans to keep Breakker and Corbin together for a longer duration. However, it seems that Corbin, a former NXT World Champion, is likely to be permanently promoted to the main roster very soon.

This news is exciting for fans of both Breakker and Corbin, as it indicates that their success as a team may lead to individual opportunities for each wrestler. It also highlights the importance of chemistry and how it can elevate a tag team’s standing within the industry.

The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic has become a prestigious tournament in WWE, with past winners going on to achieve great success in their careers. The fact that Breakker and Corbin have emerged victorious in this tournament speaks volumes about their potential and the faith that WWE officials have in them.

As fans eagerly await Corbin’s potential move to the main roster, it will be interesting to see how Breakker’s career progresses. With his athleticism and fan support, Breakker has the potential to become a prominent figure in WWE’s future.

Overall, the success of the Wolfdogs in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is a testament to their talent and the impact they have made in a short period of time. It serves as a reminder that in the world of professional wrestling, opportunities can arise unexpectedly, and those who seize them with chemistry and skill can rise to great heights.