Eva Marie: Working With Doudrop Is A Perfect Example Of How I Want To Use My Platform To Help Other Talent

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Eva Marie: Working With Doudrop Is A Perfect Example Of How I Want To Use My Platform To Help Other Talent

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Photo Credit: WWE

Eva Marie is back in WWE, and she has regained her status as a featured player. On WWE RAW, Marie is engaged in a rivalry with Doudrop that spun out of her feud with Alexa Bliss.

On Monday night, Marie is scheduled to face Doudrop on WWE RAW, and in a recent appaerance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, she explained how helping younger talent like Doudrop, also known as Piper Niven, is one of her top goals during her time with the company.

“I think the whole point of coming back is to really kind of come in, obviously stir up everything, which I feel I’m doing a pretty good job [at],” said Marie. “I saw that I was trending, I think it was yesterday or the day before, and the show wasn’t even on or nothing. But people were upset because I’m back and have a shirt and [am competing at] SummerSlam. That’s incredible, like I live for that.

“But coming back, I wanna also, my main goal with Piper, with Doudrop is, I want also to utilize my platform and put over talent on social and get eyes on them if they’re with me…. I feel like Doudrop coming in is a perfect example of[that.] People love her and she already, we know in the wrestling world who she was in NXT over in the UK, but then having her come over and pairing her with me, and then [I] kind of want to continue doing that with other talent as well.”

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Marie then made it clear that her other goals in WWE, in a word, are “everything.” She wants to be featured in “awesome” storylines and winning titles.

“I want to have awesome storylines, be on television, go for tag team titles, [and] go for the main [title],” said Marie. “I mean if you’re in WWE, if you’re not going or chasing the gold, why are you in there, what are you going for? Then you’re just driving to be kind of like whatever. So obviously that’s a definitely a goal of mine.”

The former “Total Divas” star also stated that she wantsto continue her work with charity on WWE’s behalf, specifically as it relates to the military because she’s very passionate about supporting the Armed Forces.

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