Erick Rowan Showed ‘Sprinkles’ Of True Character Work In WWE, Hopes For A Chance To Show His Range Now

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Erick Rowan Showed ‘Sprinkles’ Of True Character Work In WWE, Hopes For A Chance To Show His Range Now

Erick Redbeard is ready to show people everything he can do in a ring instead of just glimpses of it.

Erick Redbeard (aka Erick Rowan) recently spoke with WrestleZone about his wrestling career and how he looks to re-define himself with his next run in the wrestling business. As Erick Rowan in WWE, fans didn’t get to see him work to his full potential, so now he really just hopes to give people a chance to know what he’s really about.

“Man, I just wanted people to see me work. And without the confines of, you know, three, four-minute matches, all that. It’s good TV matches I guess, but I miss, most of all, the live events. I miss wrestling in front of the crowds [for] just long periods of time. And I want to [re-introduce] my character that nobody has really gotten to see. Like they’ve seen sprinkles here and there throughout parts of my gimmicks,” he explained, “but they’ve never gotten to know me. And that’s what I wanna show people. It’s me, and [it’s] me turned up to 100 kicking ass in the ring.”

Rowan was shown as a menacing figure during his time with the Wyatt Family and Bludgeon Brothers, but did get to show a lighter side as a singles wrestler and when he was aligned with Daniel Bryan. He’s still primarily known as being a formidable monster but it’s not all he can do, and Rowan said all he can hope for is a real opportunity to show his skills that we’ve seen glimpses of so far.

“See, that’s what’s funny about wrestling,” Rowan noted. “Wrestling is storyline-driven, correct? And within these storylines, people get invested because these two people want to beat the living crap out of each other. In the midst of all that, you get to know who that person is. I think I had one or two true feuds when I was up there [in WWE] that were given time to kind of go through, but not all the way. So you didn’t really get a chance to see and feel and get the gist of who I was, because I never got the opportunity to gel and put all the pieces together of what I wanted to be.

“So yeah, of course, it’s funny because even Brodie [Lee] wasn’t given much of a chance to talk or shine up there, and we saw glimpses and pieces until he went off and showed the world ultimately his legacy in such a short time,” Rowan said. “And that’s all that I can hope for myself, you know what I mean?”

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