Erick Rowan Shares Insights on His Connection with Bray Wyatt & Brodie Lee

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On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, former WWE Superstar Erick Rowan (Erick Redbeard) discussed his favorite moments in his career, his relationship with the late Brodie Lee (Luke Harper), and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On his favorite moments in his career: “The coolest one I had in the ring, besides pinning Roman Reigns? I did enjoy that match [at WWE Clash of Champions 2019], and only because at the end of it was a surprise. The surprise was Jon (Luke Harper) coming back and knowing I get to tag with him the next pay-per-view and have at least one last quick run before he left. So that to me, was a cool, special moment because you could see the real brotherhood there. That last few weeks we had together was probably the most fun I’ve ever had wrestling. Obviously, when I look at moments of just different career things, I think me and him winning the [tag] belts at WrestleMania 34 was probably one of the highest.”

On his initial tensions with Brodie Lee: “Each journey is different for everybody. There are some wrestlers who can’t stand each other outside the ring. Of course, me and Jon [Huber] went through that stage earlier on. It’s well-publicized that there was friction between us, and it wasn’t until towards the end of The Wyatts stuff and Bludgeon Brothers [that] we just had this mutual respect for each other… The more time we spent together, the more we gelled as a team and as friends. Windham [Bray Wyatt] was no different. He was always there.”

On the dynamic between himself, Lee, and Wyatt: “We spent so much time together. You have tiffs with your family, and you have tiffs as a team, but luckily with the three of us, there was always one guy going, ‘Calm down. We’ll be good.’ We never really had crazy fights, it was literally just a family dynamic.”

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Former WWE Superstar Erick Rowan, also known as Erick Redbeard, recently appeared on the “Insight” podcast where he shared some insights about his career and his relationship with the late Brodie Lee, also known as Luke Harper.
One of Rowan’s favorite moments in his career was when he pinned Roman Reigns during a match at WWE Clash of Champions 2019. However, what made it even more special was the surprise that followed. After the match, Jon (Luke Harper) made a comeback, and Rowan got to tag with him in the next pay-per-view event. This unexpected reunion showcased the true brotherhood between them and made those last few weeks they had together the most enjoyable in Rowan’s wrestling career. Another highlight for Rowan was winning the tag team belts at WrestleMania 34 alongside Harper.
Rowan also opened up about the initial tensions he had with Brodie Lee. It is well-known that there was friction between them during their time as part of The Wyatt Family and later as the Bludgeon Brothers. However, as they spent more time together, their mutual respect grew, and they developed a strong bond as a team and as friends. Rowan emphasized that Bray Wyatt, another member of The Wyatt Family, was always there for them throughout their journey.
The dynamic between Rowan, Lee, and Wyatt was described as a family dynamic. While they had their disagreements and arguments like any family does, they always had one person to calm things down and reassure them that everything would be fine. This camaraderie and support system contributed to their success as a team.
In addition to his podcast appearance, Rowan also honored Bray Wyatt and Brodie Lee in a YouTube video. He talked about their impact on his career and expressed his gratitude for their friendship.
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Overall, Erick Rowan’s podcast appearance shed light on his favorite moments in his career, the evolution of his relationship with Brodie Lee, and the strong bond between himself, Lee, and Bray Wyatt. It showcased the importance of camaraderie and support in the world of professional wrestling.