Eric Young Talks Backstage Role, Sanity Not Working On TV

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Eric Young Talks Backstage Role, Sanity Not Working On TV

eric young

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

In a discussion with Nashville’s NewsChannel5, Eric Young discusses his life in WWE. Though he’s famously Canadian, Eric makes Nashville his home now, but he hasn’t left his culture behind too much. He starts off the conversation by talking about how he plays hockey several times a week with local teams. He also tells the story of how he became a wrestling fan, watching Savage vs. Steamboat at WrestleMania 3 and taking in the show from a young age.

Skipping ahead to his WWE days, Eric talks about his unique role in the company. He says his time in NXT rekindled his fire for wrestling, especially being a part of the first War Games match in the company. Going up to the main roster, it was determined that his Sanity gimmick didn’t work on TV, so the group was split up. Now on RAW, Eric claims that he’s in a “holding pattern” with the company. He says he did 16 weeks of producing with WWE, and he liked it, but he’s not ready to retire from in-ring competition.

For the full interview, you can check out the video on NewsChannel5’s website.