Eric Young Says Vince McMahon Failed As A Leader

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Eric Young Says Vince McMahon Failed As A Leader

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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Eric Young recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet and reflected on his release from WWE. Young criticized the lack of creativity in WWE and how, in his eyes, Vince McMahon wants everyone to be the same. “That’s not what pro wrestling is to me.”

Young also said that his entire life revolved around wrestling, and his WWE experiences made him hate it while he was with the company. “Everything in my life was based around pro wrestling and how I could further myself and advance my career and the last three years, I hated it, I didn’t watch it, I didn’t talk about it, I avoided it as much as possible,” said Young. “And that’s a weird place to be.”

Young also had some strong words for McMahon, who seemingly didn’t value Young’s abilities as a veteran. “If you have a three hour television show, pro wrestling show, and you can’t find something for me to do, then you’re failing as a leader,” said Young. “Plain and simple. You failed your company, you failed the shareholders, you failed the fans and you failed yourself. The reason I wasn’t on the show was his choice, no one else’s. I would tell him to his face, you failed as a leader.”

“I feel like it’s a massive waste of my talent, it’s a massive waste of my experience and my ability to do a bunch of different things.”

Young said he’s happy how his exit from WWE led him to where he is now, but he still can’t believe how WWE misused him. “It’s just crazy to look back and think like how long I was there and the investment that they had made on me financially and I didn’t do anything,” said Young.

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