Eric Young Out 6-9 Months Due To Torn ACL Suffered At Last Week’s IMPACT Wrestling Tapings

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Eric Young Out 6-9 Months Due To Torn ACL Suffered At Last Week’s IMPACT Wrestling Tapings

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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Eric Young is going to be out of action for the next six-to-nine months due to a torn ACL.

Young confirmed the injury on the latest episode of the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, explaining that the injury took place at the latest set of IMPACT Wrestling TV tapings.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever injured, I missed my first wrestling show this past Friday that I was booked on in 24 years in doing it, so it’s frustrating. I’ve been hurt, lots,” Young said, “but I’ve never been injured. I have to have surgery in like a week and a half and it’s going to be a long, long road. We’ll see man, it’s going to be interesting for me.

Co-host Petey Williams talked about how they first signed with IMPACT together, then turned attention back to the ACL injury, with Eric Young confirming he’s “aiming for six months” before he returns. Young said he’s always been very durable, but his ACL was completely torn and he didn’t even know it until after he finished his match at Monday’s IMPACT tapings. The match, James Storm’s advertised 1000th match, will air tomorrow on IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV.

“I finished it like nothing happened. I wrestled a ‘Hardcore War’ eight-man tag the following day, then I wrestled Eddie Edwards on Tuesday in a singles match that was like 20 minutes on one leg. I would put that match against anything that airs, anytime, before any wrestling company in the world. I did it on one leg and I’m very proud of it,” Young said, “but yeah, I tore an ACL.”

“It’s my first time ever dealing with anything like that, I’ve wrestled hurt before. I’ve wrestled with a broken ankle, I’ve wrestled with broken fingers, broken toes, dislocated hip, all kinds of other stuff,” Young explained, “but my doctor said I can’t wrestle [with this injury]. I had to cancel my booking this weekend and I’ve got to get surgery now.”

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Young said he doesn’t know what the plans are for keeping his stable, Violent By Design, on television. Young noted that he’s never had surgery before so he’s not sure how it will go, but he’d imagine he’ll still be involved with VBD on IMPACT.

“Being the leader, there’s ton of ways we can get around that in the storytelling, so I would imagine—it would surprise me if they take me off of TV completely because we’re rolling right now. I know that there is a plan in place, and I don’t technically need to be there for that plan to come to fruition,” Young said, “but I have a place as the leader, I want to be part of it. I will do whatever they ask me to do and that will not be a problem.”

Young said he just found out the diagnosis on Friday morning, so they are figuring things out as they go.

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