Eric Young Discusses the Progress of TNA Wrestling, Hiroshi Tanahashi Comments on NJPW-STARDOM consolidation.

Eric Young Discusses the Progress of TNA Wrestling, Hiroshi Tanahashi Comments on NJPW-STARDOM consolidation.
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TNA wrestling star, Eric Young, recently sat down for an insightful interview with Brass Ring Media. During the interview, Young offers his perspective on the trials and triumphs TNA Wrestling has undergone and shares his positive outlook on the company’s future.

During the conversation, Young alluded to a parallel between TNA and the band Nickelback. He described how it was once popular to criticize both, saying, “At one point in time, it was trendy to despise them [Nickelback] and repeat that to anyone who would listen. I believe TNA Wrestling was in a similar situation at some point.”

He also expressed his belief that TNA has found its rightful position within the wrestling industry. He stated, “I think it’s undeniably found its niche. Beyond this, Impact as a TV show has been on network television for two decades. It’s a remarkable achievement, an extraordinary one.”

Young communicated his optimism about TNA’s current trajectory, sharing, “The reality is that they’re constantly trying to push forward. Like any business, this company has seen periods of growth and decline. But, at this moment, over the past one or two years, it genuinely feels as if there’s substantial positive momentum.”

In other wrestling news, the merger between New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and STARDOM has successfully been completed, resulting in STARDOM becoming a fully-owned subsidiary of NJPW. NJPW President, Hiroshi Tanahashi, expressed his enthusiasm about the merger’s prospects. He indicated that while STARDOM and NJPW will operate independently, opportunities for collaboration on promotional work and combined interviews await.

Commenting on this, Tanahashi said, “Today, I formally addressed the fans of STARDOM. Essentially, STARDOM and New Japan shows will continue their usual run. However, there are areas where we can work in unison, for instance with promotional work and joint interviews. I’m planning a trip to the USA, where men’s and women’s wrestling traditionally have equal representation in companies. I am looking forward to working with President Okada to ensure that our event can be enjoyed by everyone.”