Eric Bischoff’s belief is that MJF won’t be the one to elevate AEW to unprecedented heights.

Eric Bischoff’s belief is that MJF won’t be the one to elevate AEW to unprecedented heights.
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In a recent episode of his podcast “Wise Choices”, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff offered a critique of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), citing his concerns about their strategic decisions and the anticipated return of MJF from surgery.

Key highlights from the podcast, outlined below, touch on his evaluation of the ongoing issues he perceives with AEW.

Regarding his criticism of AEW: “It’s not necessarily that I enjoy calling out AEW’s problems, but very often they provide good reason. I’ve been watching these issues evolve for over two years now, and predictions I made due to these problems are beginning to actualise. This isn’t to suggest that I know every single detail about running a wrestling company or producing a TV show – I just learned some hard lessons.

What I find concerning is when I see individuals making the same mistakes time and again despite having such a significant opportunity, given the support of Turner Broadcasting and the available funding for AEW. This golden chance is seemingly going down the drain predominantly due to repetitive errors, some of which I made myself. These are lessons I believe anyone should be able to learn from, and yet, it seems they are even creating new mistakes.”

Regarding the impact of MJF’s return on AEW: “I don’t believe MJF’s return will necessarily elevate AEW, given the issue is not about the talent but rather the creative direction. You could have a big name like Undertaker descending into the ring in dramatic fashion, but if the booking is being handled by Tony Khan, it wouldn’t significantly influence the situation. The real problem lies in the overall vision, the tactics, and the strategies to garner audience growth. It’s not about the talent. But, to clarify, I do agree MJF is one of the most promising new talents in wrestling, without a doubt.”

For a detailed insight into Bischoff’s critique, you can watch the complete episode of “Wise Choices” below.