Eric Bischoff Suggests Vince McMahon Is Not A Creative Genius

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Recently a guest on “My Bizness Podcast,” Eric Bischoff had a rather fascinating take on Vince McMahon, where he stated that McMahon is not a creative genius, but is rather a mind with rare, special business acumen. Here’s Bischoff’s thoughts in his own words:

Bischoff on why he thinks Vince McMahon is not a creative genius: One of the things that I think — you know, Vince McMahon gets a lot of credit for things that I think he shouldn’t get credit for. I don’t think he’s the most creative person in the world. I never have, and I never will. But I think — I mean he is creative, don’t get me wrong. I am not taking anything away from his creative, he’s come up with some amazing stuff. But he’s also s**t the bed, frequently.”


Bischoff shares his insights on where McMahon’s genius truly lies: “Where Vince’s true genius, in my opinion — and this is the part that is so rare. This is where Vince in his own way falls into the — so this will be controversial. But people like Elon Musk, Vince McMahon, Bloomberg, those people who build, they start out with a vision. They’re sitting in a lawn chair somewhere, drinking a beer. Or they are sitting on a beach, or walking down the street, and they have an idea. Just an idea. And they’re able to take that thought — this intangible, neuro-electrical impulse — and turn it into a tangible, viable vision that employs thousands of people and generates billions of dollars. I find that fascinating.

“And while Vince often gets credit for being a creative genius — like I said, I don’t think he is. But I think in terms of a visionary? He’s right up there. He’s right up there with Ted Turner. Ted Turner was the guy who, everybody thought he was nuts, said, ‘No. People will watch 24-hour global news.’ And everybody thought he was high. He was nuts. Turns out he was right. There are people like that in our lives that have these visions and talk about them and manifest them. And we look at them, it’s like, ‘Wow, can you believe that guy?’ But Vince McMahon, in his own way. Not comparing him, relating him. But he’s in that category of people that have an amazing vision. And here’s the important part – the passion, and the undeniability to achieve it.”

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