Eric Bischoff Speculates on the Identity of the Person Behind the Devil Mask and Predicts Their Impact

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On a recent edition of his “83 Weeks” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff discussed the ongoing Devil storyline in AEW, Billy Gunn’s longevity as an in-ring talent, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On The Devil storyline in AEW: “That is so bad. It was a bad idea that’s getting worse by the day because the longer it goes, the more anticlimactic it’s going to be. I think once [CM] Punk shows up at Survivor Series, whoever’s behind the mask is going to be a popcorn fart. It’s not going to matter. It’s going to be something that people are going to hopefully forget very quickly. It’s already gone on too long. If it’s Jungle Jack Perry, I’m sorry, it’s horribly bad.”

On Billy Gunn still wrestling: “Billy Gunn is just a freak of nature. So I mean, the guy is as hard as an oak tree. I’ve probably told this story before. I worked an independent shot in Detroit a couple of years back and Billy Gunn was on it. And my son was in the ring with Billy, it was a tag team match of some sort, and I had a spot outside of the ring where Billy got whipped into the ropes. And I was supposed to reach in and grabbed his leg, and I reached in and grabbed his leg. But like an idiot, I let my head go through the ropes, and of course Billy hit my head with his ass and damn near knocked me out. He’s like a truck. He’s as hard as a rock and has phenomenal shape. Great athlete, wealth of knowledge. I’m glad to see he’s still active.”

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In a recent episode of his podcast “83 Weeks,” WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff shared his thoughts on the ongoing Devil storyline in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and praised Billy Gunn’s longevity as an in-ring talent.

Regarding the Devil storyline, Bischoff expressed his disappointment, calling it a bad idea that is only getting worse with time. He believes that the longer it continues, the more anticlimactic it will become. Bischoff predicts that when CM Punk makes his appearance at Survivor Series, whoever is revealed to be behind the Devil mask will be underwhelming and quickly forgotten. He specifically mentioned Jungle Jack Perry as a potential candidate and criticized the storyline as “horribly bad.”

Shifting gears, Bischoff commended Billy Gunn for his remarkable endurance as a professional wrestler. He described Gunn as a “freak of nature” who is as hard as an oak tree. Bischoff shared an anecdote from an independent wrestling event in Detroit where his son was in a tag team match with Gunn. During the match, Bischoff accidentally got hit by Gunn’s rear end, which nearly knocked him out. He praised Gunn’s physicality, athleticism, and vast knowledge of the industry. Bischoff expressed his delight in seeing Gunn still active in the wrestling scene.

The podcast episode also featured a video embed of an episode of “83 Weeks” titled “Austin on a Symbol: RAW 12.07.98 Watchalong.” The video provides additional content for wrestling enthusiasts to enjoy.

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In conclusion, Eric Bischoff’s podcast episode touched upon the disappointing Devil storyline in AEW and praised Billy Gunn’s enduring career as a wrestler. Wrestling enthusiasts can find more content on and stay connected through their social media platforms.