Eric Bischoff On The Often ‘Pull-Apart’ Finishes To WCW Monday Nitro

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Eric Bischoff On The Often ‘Pull-Apart’ Finishes To WCW Monday Nitro

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Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Monday Night Wars were indeed heated back in the late 1990s and Eric Bischoff wanted to have his episodes of WCW Monday Nitro finish fresh off the grill.

On a recent episode of 83 Weeks which showcased an “Ask Eric” feature, Conrad Thompson asked a fan’s question as to why Nitro had so many brawls and pull-apart finishes to cap off so many episodes. Bischoff initially joked in the Kayfabe fashion that a lot of guys were angry and fighting for their spot until the former WCW Executive Producer and President gave his input as to why they ended in such fashion.

The idea I think with Nitros were to leave them hot, leave them wondering what was going to happen next week, leave it kind of open ended. I prefered to go off the show with action as opposed to going off the air with dialogue or announcers. I liked leaving the shows hot and it was often best to do that in a pull-apart or schmozz in the middle of the ring. A cliffhanger if you will.”

Another wrestling promotion that Eric was very familiar with happened to be the AWA and a fan asked what Bischoff would have done if given Verne Gagne’s keys to that Minnesota Corvette with so many miles.

“Yeah I’m gonna have to let that one slide, brother. That would take some time and some thought and a bong, I don’t know.”

You can tune into the clip of “Ask Eric” with Conrad below:

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