Eric Bischoff On Awesome Kong’s TNA Release, Not Being A Fan Of Blood In Wrestling

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On the most recent episode of his 83 Weekspodcast, Eric Bischoff used his point of view on the March 15th, 2010 episode of Impact Wrestling.

Bischoff went over Awesome Kong’s TNA release following her notorious backstage run-in with Bubba the Love Sponge. Bischoff likewise exposed the authority figures accountable for showcasing blood in the matches throughout his time in TNA.

You can take a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

On Awesome Kong’s release:” I was on Awesome Kong’s side. I liked it. I believe he’s (Bubba The Love Sponge) simply among the scummiest individuals in the world. I have absolutely nothing however ridicule and no regard. He was among those men that was constantly poking individuals and he believed he was amusing. He believed since he was Bubba The Love Sponge and Howard Stern’s little minion which he had the weight of the Howard Stern type of network behind him, that he was some type of a huge time star. And the reality is he wasn’t, however he imitated one, and Bubba’s funny bone was constantly simply tinker individuals and individuals he didn’t understand. The very first time I satisfied him he began f ******* with me and if he had not been a pal of Hulk’s and with Hulk I most likely would have responded a little various. I simply took it. I didn’t state excessive, however he was simply an ass and when you see someone like that and has the ability to get away with it since the majority of people are quite civilized nobody is going to transport off and knock him out even if he states wise ass things despite the fact that they wish to. Normally he got away with it particularly when he’s taking a trip with Hulk and it’s alright, whatever.

” I do not understand what occurred [in between Kong and Bubba] I do not understand what sped up the occurrence, at all. All I understood is she pursued him and from what I heard I do not understand if it’s real or not, however I heard she practically took it to him. , if I would not have actually currently been wed I may have wed her after that.. It was excellent. She was, reality be understood, expertly speaking she was out of line. She must have simply left. She didn’t and I do not blame her. She paid the cost. She was a little unstable and a little difficult to handle backstage from what I’ve heard. I never ever handled her. I had no interaction with her whatsoever besides stating hey there and being personalized whenever I saw her backstage.”

On the use of blood in TNA:” I was not the booker here. This was a Vince Russo, Dixie thing for one of the most part. Once again, I had impact definitely had impact over the format, which you most likely discovered, did observe in the start of the program. In terms of blood or no blood that wasn’t the Eric Bischoff conversation. That was a Dixie, Vince Russo, most likely Ric Flair had a lot to do with it. Ric likes to bleed. All of us understand that. Ric was actually extreme and tossed himself into this chance and Ric did what has actually constantly worked for Ric. I wasn’t part of a blood, no blood discussion. My views on blood have actually constantly corresponded. I’ve never ever actually believed it’s something that must be done often. I believe it’s something that can be done really, really periodically at the best minute and possibly can have some included worth to the dynamic of a story or discussion, however for one of the most part I simply believe it’s sidetracking in such a way exposes business and I’ve never ever been a fan of it and I’ve corresponded about that from the first day.”

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