Eric Bischoff Is Flattered By AEW Collision Having Similar Aesthetic To WCW Nitro

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Eric Bischoff is flattered by the comparisons between AEW Collision and WCW Monday Nitro but believes this validates his view on Tony Khan’s promotion.

This week, AEW Collision was officially confirmed by Warner Bros. Discovery and will premiere on TNT next month.


It was reported this week that Collision would share a similar aesthetic to WCW Monday Nitro, complete with a matching logo.

Speaking on his “Strictly Business” podcast, Bischoff sarcastically called the Collision logo a rip-off and added that he is pleased with the nod to WCW. He said,

“The truth is like it put a smile on my face and I guess imitation is a sincere form of flattery.

Bischoff added that Collision sharing a similar aesthetic to Nitro (which is now under the ownership of WCW) doesn’t show much originality from AEW. He said,

“There’s not a creative strategy that would allow AEW to execute on the mission of being different than WWE. They may have more blood, [but] that’s about the only thing I can think of that really distinguishes in a meaningful way… You want to really evolve the product, whether it be in the format, how the show was shot, the way promos are treated, the way stories are told, [or] production values.

“All of those things have to fit together, but at the core of that there has to be a vision that says this is what’s going to make us stand out and this is why we’re different and I just don’t see it.”

AEW Collision will launch on TNT on June 17 with Bryan Danielson serving as part of the creative team.

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