Eric Bischoff Expresses Longtime Admiration for Becky Lynch

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On a recent edition of his “Strictly Business” podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed WWE’s latest deal with the Big 12 conference, Becky Lynch’s historic performance on ABC’s Jeopardy! game show, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On WWE’s licensing deal with the Big 12 conference to create title belts: “Yeah, I don’t know where it came from, but it’s pretty obvious as of late that we’re seeing so many things that are outside of the typical WWE business strategies happening all at once. We’re talking about live events now over in Paris. We’re looking at this Big 12 relationship and co-promotion. I think all of it speaks to, obviously, a change in vision at least on the business side, and leadership. And I would presume that’s Nick Khan with his deep ties in the world of sports and entertainment. And I think more than anything, a really thorough knowledge of an entire world of opportunity out there that wasn’t viewed the same way previously. Maybe the opportunities weren’t as clear previously, or just the priorities weren’t the same.

“Regardless of that, these are all great signs for the health and stability of the industry. It’s one thing for everybody to be rocking and rolling when things are hot, but everything is cyclical. And in wrestling, although it’s been so stable as a television property since really the mid-50s, long before cable and then after cable, wrestling was like one of the top shows in cable and pay-per-view. It became one of the top draws in pay-per-view. And ion the digital world, wrestling is still one of the bigger digital footprints out there in the world of entertainment. But you need stability because all of those business units fluctuate with the economy, with pop culture, with a lot of things. And the more stable you are, the more diversified you are, the better off you are in the long term. And that’s what this feels like to me: a diversification of strengths into markets that will support in the short term but provide consistency in the business in the long term. I think it’s a great thing, and it’s a great thing for everybody. You know, very few businesses are willing to be the first ever to do something. But when they do, there’s a whole bunch of people lined up to do something very similar because somebody else has already proven it works and taken the risk out of it.”

On Becky Lynch making Jeopardy history by not getting one correct answer: “I love her. I don’t really know her, but I love her anyway. You know, what are the things that I really like? Becky Lynch first showed up on my radar. It was probably early 2019, late 2018, and not because I saw her on television. She kept popping up in my social media feed, and I loved the way she used social media. Now that worked in her previous character, it probably does not work quite as well now because she’s presented so much differently. She was just like a tough, redheaded Scottish lass that could whip your ass, you know? She was just a tough, blue-collar kind of woman competitor. And now she’s kind of glitz and glamor.

“So in the beginning, when she really first started emerging and getting hot? Man, she was using social media in such a great way to establish her character. And I felt like I got to know her character by following her on social media first. And because of her social media, I went consciously, ‘I think I’m going to check her out and see what this is all about.’ And I did, and I loved it. So yeah, I’ve been a big fan of Becky Lynch for a long time.”

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WWE’s Latest Deal with the Big 12 Conference and Becky Lynch’s Historic Performance on Jeopardy!

In recent news, WWE has made headlines with its licensing deal with the Big 12 conference to create title belts. This unexpected move has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about the company’s changing business strategies.

Eric Bischoff, a prominent figure in the wrestling industry, recently discussed this deal on his podcast, “Strictly Business.” He expressed his surprise at the development and speculated that it signifies a change in vision and leadership within WWE. Bischoff believes that Nick Khan, with his extensive background in sports and entertainment, is behind this new direction.

The partnership between WWE and the Big 12 conference is seen as a positive sign for the industry’s health and stability. Bischoff emphasizes the importance of stability in wrestling, as it is a cyclical business that fluctuates with the economy and pop culture trends. By diversifying its strengths and entering new markets, WWE aims to ensure consistency in the long term.

This deal with the Big 12 conference is just one example of WWE’s recent ventures outside of its traditional business strategies. The company has also been exploring opportunities in live events overseas, such as the upcoming event in Paris. These moves demonstrate WWE’s willingness to take risks and embrace new opportunities.

Another topic discussed on Bischoff’s podcast was Becky Lynch’s appearance on ABC’s Jeopardy! game show. Lynch made history on the show by not getting a single answer correct. Despite this, Bischoff expressed his admiration for Lynch and her previous work on social media.

Lynch gained popularity through her effective use of social media to establish her character. Bischoff recalls being drawn to her after seeing her posts on social media platforms. He describes her as a tough, blue-collar competitor who used to have a different presentation than her current glitz and glamour persona.

While Lynch’s performance on Jeopardy! may not have been successful, Bischoff remains a fan of hers and appreciates her contributions to the wrestling industry.

Overall, WWE’s licensing deal with the Big 12 conference and Becky Lynch’s appearance on Jeopardy! highlight the company’s evolving strategies and the individual achievements of its superstars. These developments demonstrate WWE’s commitment to exploring new opportunities and maintaining stability in the ever-changing world of professional wrestling.