Eric Bischoff Comments On The WWE & UFC Merger, Possible Video Game Crossover

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Eric Bischoff believes that those at WWE and UFC will be glad to have the merger of the two promotions finalized so they can have a clearer picture of their future.

On a recent edition of his “Strictly Business” podcast, Bischoff said he’s happy for the people in WWE and UFC as they will soon know what their futures will look like. He said,


“I’m happy for the people in WWE and probably for people that I don’t know in UFC as well, because having a merger like this hanging over your head, there’s so many things you don’t know… You know, you’re not in the loop. It’s the kind of information that isn’t shared beforehand in terms of merging departments and layoffs and things like that. So everybody’s sitting around wondering if they will have a job or how they will be affected. And that’s just not a great way to live, because you’re always thinking about it and wondering if you’re going to get let go or if your department’s going to be let go or whatever. And I’m happy for everybody to finally have this thing resolved so people can quit worrying.”

Bischoff also spoke about a potential crossover between the two brands in video games, such as the upcoming UFC 5. He said,

“A video game is a fantasy, right? It’s a game. And I think there, I mean, that’s interesting to me. You know, I’m not a video game guy. I don’t spend a lot of time playing video games, like none. But if I did, I could see it’s kind of a fun thought. It’s a little bit like fantasy booking, wrestling against UFC, and I think there’s possibly an appeal for that. So sure, if it makes sense.”

The blockbuster deal by Endeavor to acquire WWE and merge the wrestling promotion into TKO Group Holdings is expected to be finished next week.

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