Eric Bischoff – ‘CM Punk’s Return To WWE Could Be Great For Both Sides’

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CM Punk’s return to WWE could be a great experience for both sides, according to Eric Bischoff, if Punk does some self-reflection first.

Since Punk’s AEW release, there has been speculation about the ‘Real World Champion’ returning to the promotion he walked out of in January 2014.


On “Strictly Business,” Bischoff gave his two cents on Punk’s potential return, which could work if Punk acknowledges his own faults during his AEW run. He said,

“If I’m CM Punk and I wake up and have this conversation with myself, and I just look at the clock and the calendar and I go, ‘Wait a minute. I’ve got maybe three years left. I could really make a lot of money and go out on a high note, end my career on a positive note instead of this negative one.’ If Phil Brooks is the type of man that, first of all, recognizes it and realizes that he’s at least fifty percent responsible for it, if not more, the way he’s handled himself and conducted himself.

“It could be really good. It could be great for WWE. It could be great for him if he’s willing to do that. If he’s not, then he’s just going to fade away and be a ‘cult’ wrestling star and nobody will remember him 10 years from now.”

Bischoff added that despite the animosity between Punk & WWE in the past, he does not believe that WWE would be wholly against re-signing the former AEW wrestler.

Punk reportedly wanted a WWE return last year and had intended to work a program with Kevin Owens that would have resulted in a match at WrestleMania 39.

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