Eric Bischoff Can See Conor McGregor In WWE – Not Against Roman Reigns

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Could Conor McGregor one day become a WWE Superstar? Eric Bischoff certainly believes so.

For years, McGregor has teased arriving in WWE and had an online back-and-forth with Paul Heyman earlier this year after being branded a ‘Roman Reigns wannabe.’


During the latest episode of his “83 Weeks” podcast, Eric Bischoff said that while McGregor in WWE is possible, a feud with Roman Reigns seems unlikely. He said,

“I can’t see that [a feud with Reigns.] I just can’t. I can certainly see Conor McGregor in WWE. That’s very easy to visualize.”

Explaining his point, Bischoff said that the size difference between McGregor and Reigns would make a match between the two seem unbelievable. Bischoff said,

“Unless Conor were to really learn how to wrestle so that he could go in there and have a — not just an acceptable match, but a great match with Roman. I think the audience will just gag all over it.”

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