Eric Bischoff Believes WWE’s Potential Signing of Jade Cargill Holds Great Significance

Eric Bischoff Believes WWE’s Potential Signing of Jade Cargill Holds Great Significance
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Jade Cargill is leaving All Elite Wrestling after her last match with the promotion at Wednesday’s Rampage TV tapings. She had a rematch with Kris Statlander that will air this Friday night.

Cargill’s AEW deal is believed to be expiring this week, and she is reportedly WWE-bound. There have been conflicting reports about whether she will be going to NXT or straight to the main roster. 


On the latest episode of the Strictly Business podcast, Eric Bischoff said the following about Cargill going to WWE: 

“Happy for her if it’s true, happy for WWE if it’s true. I say if it’s true because every report I’ve read so far, and there’s only been a handful because it’s relatively new information, is being reported. It’s not confirmed, it’s just being reported. Let’s just see. Jade, maybe I’ve met her but I don’t know her at all, I don’t think I’ve ever had a real conversation with her. This would be an absolutely amazing opportunity for her. It’s a risk, there’s no doubt it will be a risk for her because she’s walking into an environment, she’s still relatively green, right? She’s been around for just a few years in a early stage company, meaning it’s not a touring company, there’s not four or five nights on the road, it’s not the same kind of workload as WWE. There’s going to be a major transition there, but if she’s a young woman that’s confident in herself, and I believe her to be just following her on social media. If she’s got the confidence and the determination, this could be massive for her. It could set her up for her life.”

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Jade Cargill, a prominent wrestler in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), is reportedly leaving the promotion after her last match at Wednesday’s Rampage TV tapings. Her contract with AEW is believed to be expiring this week, and there are conflicting reports about her next destination, with some suggesting she may be heading to WWE.

Eric Bischoff, a well-known figure in the wrestling industry, shared his thoughts on Cargill potentially joining WWE in a recent episode of the Strictly Business podcast. While he acknowledged that the news has not been officially confirmed, he expressed happiness for both Cargill and WWE if the reports turn out to be true.

Bischoff highlighted that Cargill’s potential move to WWE presents an incredible opportunity for her. However, he also acknowledged the risks involved, considering her relatively limited experience in the industry. Cargill has been with AEW for a few years, which is still considered an early-stage company compared to the established touring schedule of WWE.

The transition from AEW to WWE would require Cargill to adapt to a different workload and environment. WWE’s rigorous touring schedule and larger platform could pose challenges for someone who is still relatively new to the industry. However, Bischoff emphasized that if Cargill possesses confidence and determination, this move could be monumental for her career and set her up for life.

It is important to note that the reports of Cargill’s departure from AEW and potential move to WWE are still unconfirmed. Wrestling fans and industry insiders will have to wait for official announcements or further developments to gain clarity on her future plans.

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In conclusion, Jade Cargill’s departure from AEW and potential move to WWE has generated significant speculation and interest within the wrestling community. While the reports are yet to be confirmed, industry veteran Eric Bischoff expressed his support for Cargill and WWE, highlighting the potential opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the talented wrestler.