Eric Bischoff: AEW’s Creative Process Is Going Back To The Future

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Eric Bischoff: AEW’s Creative Process Is Going Back To The Future

eric bischoff

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Eric Bischoff recently worked with All Elite Wrestling, as he made two appearances on AEW Dynamite. On his podcast, 83 Weeks, Bischoff shared his thoughts on AEW’s creative process, Tony Khan and more. Here are some highlights.

On the AEW creative process:

Bischoff: “I’m guessing they’ve got a pretty good outline and blueprint of what they want to do for the show, because you have to plan.”

“But I’m also guessing that they fill in a lot of the detail and the color, if you will, they fill in the colors in a collaborative way [the] day of the show. That was my impression, could be wrong. But that’s going back to the future. That’s the way it used to be, when it was good, when talent had a lot of input into their promos and into their characters. That’s the collaboration that used to make, in my opinion, pro wrestling so much fun to watch.”

On Tony Khan’s active involvement with AEW:

Bischoff: “While I was getting ready to go out, we’ll call it a Gorilla position, but when I was standing backstage, ready to be introduced for the segment, I was within earshot of Tony when he was at the Guerilla position on monitors and couldn’t help overhear Tony talking to probably Keith Mitchell in the truck or somebody in the truck, I’m assuming it was Keith. Tony’s into this, Tony’s not just the guy with a checkbook.”

“Tony’s not just a guy with a checkbook that’s also a big fan. Tony’s the guy with the checkbook who’s a big fan, who’s also a good producer and more importantly, loves producing. Therein lies the magic.”

“Tony is grabbing this thing by the balls. What he lacks in experience he more than makes up for in passion, intelligence and enjoyment of what he’s doing.”

The full clip is available here:

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