Endeavor COO On WWE CEO Nick Khan – ‘He’s Very Direct’

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Endeavor COO Mark Shapiro recently appeared on the “Sports Media with Richard Deitsch” podcast to discuss the recent sale of WWE, what it’s like working with WWE President Nick Khan, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On working with Nick Khan: “I don’t work with Nick day in and day out with the WWE, so I’m not best to talk about his full range of attributes. I can just speak to my personal experience. I worked with Nick back when I was at ESPN. Nick is a relationship guy. He spends a lot of time, honest time, dedicated time, real authentic time building relationships, maintaining relationships, sustaining relationships, and back and forth relationships.”

On how Khan is very direct: “He’s a what you see, what you get guy. He wears his emotions on his sleeves, he’s very direct, you know where you stand. I enjoyed all my negotiations with him over the years at ESPN and was a fan of his at CAA as he was building out that sports broadcast business, from scratch. They’ve got some terrific guys over there (Matt) Kramar and (David) Koonin, disciples of Nick, but when he was there, he had an incredible roster of talent. I would tell you that, if he goes about his business in WWE in the same fashion and manner of which he went about his business at CAA, then the sky is the limit.”

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