Elias Talks Pitching Album Idea To WWE, How Dusty Rhodes Influenced His Career

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Elias Talks Pitching Album Idea To WWE, How Dusty Rhodes Influenced His Career


Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

WWE Superstar Elias was a special guest on WWE’s morning show ‘The Bump’ earlier this week and he went into detail about how his new album ‘Universal Truth’ came to be.

Elias said, “I’m sitting at home and I’m thinking, how many times are they going to kill me and try to put my down? And I just wrote that song. I reached out to the WWE team, I said, ‘Listen, I really want to come back. I want to have an album for when I come back, whenever that may be, and they said they were on board. They said to write some songs and give it to them. I did that. I wrote about 10 songs. We narrowed it down, and that’s what we got, we got the ‘Universal Truth’.”

When it came to bringing the album to fruition, Elias said, “When I got hurt last time on SmackDown, that’s really when this stuff got put into motion. I’m going to reference the very first line in ‘Amen,’ how many times are they going to kill me? I don’t know if you remember, but Baron Corbin took a thing to my throat and I couldn’t sing, and my hand was messed up. He threw me off the ledge, and then I get hit by a car of all things. I was out of action for quite a while.”

Elias talked about much more than just his album though. He went into detail about how Dusty Rhodes immediately spotted his potential as the drifter, and how it had an important impact on his career. He said, “It’s the testament of the eye that Dusty had for talent. No matter who it was, you stepped up in that little promo room where you do your promos in front of him, which was a lot of high pressure right there. He was always able to pinpoint that unique special thing to that wrestler and say, let’s run with that. The very early incarnation of Elias, where I was ‘The Drifter,’ he saw that right away. He was like, ‘Dude, whatever you got right there, keep that going and never let that go.”

You can see the entire appearance and interview below.

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