Elias Promises A ‘Fantastic Show’ During Tonight’s RAW Concert

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Elias Promises A ‘Fantastic Show’ During Tonight’s RAW Concert


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Elias will return to Raw proper tonight for a concert that precedes a new album release next week. Speaking with Sportskeeda, WWE’s resident guitarist promises that everyone in WWE, including Jeff Hardy, will get the message following tonight’s broadcast.

There is going to be a concert. This week on Monday Night RAW and in these times right now, let me tell you, people have been dying for something like this. They have been dying for a concert, you know? We don’t see them nowadays and guess what? Elias is the man. I’m going to provide that to you, and I mentioned on RAW, and I mention it right here, October 26th, I got a brand new album coming out. It’s going to be great.

I’m going to show Jeff; this is how you entertain people, okay! You want to come out here and do your thing and flip off the top rope, crushing people, things like that. Yeah, well, Elias is going to do it in his own way. I plan on giving a little sample of what’s going to come out on my album just the week after. So, it’s going to be a really fantastic show on Monday Night.

Elias goes on to say that his new album, called “Universal Truth” will “touch people’s hearts.” You can hear the full extent of the interview in the video embedded below:

Elias appeared last week on Raw to attack Jeff Hardy, the man he still believes ran him down and caused him to sit on the shelf for months. Most fans believe Sheamus was actually the culprit behind the attack, but the investigation is “ongoing” according to WWE.

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