Eli Drake On ‘Soulless’ Empty Arenas, Wishing Wrestling Wasn’t So ‘Pussified’

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Eli Drake On ‘Soulless’ Empty Arenas, Wishing Wrestling Wasn’t So ‘Pussified’

eli drake

Photo Credit: Andrea Kellaway

As part of NWA’s grand Carnyland experiment, Eli Drake has secured his own YouTube show. While things start off with a touching story tribute to the late Shad Gaspard, the show proper is full of the type of loud-mouthed bravado you’d expect from Eli. He seems shocked that NWA gave him an open mic and called the show a countdown to his own firing. Considering the start of the show, he’s likely not going down the same path as Jim Cornette, but you can be the judge:

Topics on “Eli’s First Time” include Drake speaking out against what he calls a “pussified” wrestling industry. In his time in both IMPACT and WWE’s developmental system, the wrestler ran into situations where people wouldn’t come to him directly with problems but instead circulate rumors and get people talking. “It’s soft ego. It’s a lot of whispering behind the scenes. Just come talk to me.” He also claims that WWE official’s promise to not punish those who choose to stay at home currently is “bullis#!%”

Speaking of other companies, Eli also commented on the empty arena shows that we’ve seen the past few months by AEW and WWE. He commends the workers putting on content in these strange times, but also states that the shows are currently “soulless.”

When I watch Steve Austin come back… That man is The Man. There’s no bigger thing then that man returning and it’s like the soul wasn’t in it because it’s this empty room. You hear and see the matches and it’s damn near in a porno or something. Grunting and wrestling… [grunting noises backed by porn music] It’s just very uncomfortable.

Despite all that, Drake does wish he could still be in a ring as a performer, and the above only reflects the unique position he’s in as a viewer from the outside. The rest of the show features talk on the stock market, the recent Micahel Jordan documentary series, and “what really gets under his skin.”

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