El Hijo del Fantasma Wins NXT Interim Cruiserweight Belt, Drake Maverick Gets New Contract

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El Hijo del Fantasma Wins NXT Interim Cruiserweight Belt, Drake Maverick Gets New Contract

Drake Maverick

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Drake Maverick quickly captured the attention and hearts of the NXT universe as he fought for a chance to become interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion. While he came up short against El Hijo del Fantasma tonight, Maverick did get something that’s much more valuable.

Maverick lost his match tonight against El Hijo del Fantasma, where the superstar was hit with a vicious superkick for the loss. After the loss, Maverick stayed in the ring for a moment, turning to the camera and thanking the fans watching before dejectedly heading up the ramp. As he paused to say goodbye again, however, Triple H came out, giving Maverick a brief hug before presenting him with an NXT contract, much to Maverick’s shock. After signing the document, he hugged Triple H again before bursting into smiles, holding the contract up as the crowd cheered.

Both @WWEMaverick and @hijodelfantasma REFUSE to quit in this high-stakes battle for the #WWENXT Cruiserweight Championship. pic.twitter.com/55W8FF7Lhz

— WWE (@WWE) June 4, 2020

.@WWEMaverick's story is far from over! 🎉 #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/7lfcRXeId1

— WWE (@WWE) June 4, 2020

For a brief recap of how the match ended, check out below:

Maverick manages to get to the ropes. Fantasma lands a nasty powerbomb. Maverick kicks out. Maverick slaps Fantasma. Fantasma pounds on Maverick in the corner. Maverick fires up again and knocks Fantasma into the corner. Wheelbarrow bulldog by Maverick. Flying elbow by Maverick. Fantasma kicks out at one. Fantasma crushed Maverick with a spinebuster. Fantasma goes up top. Maverick cuts him off. Fantasma and Maverick both fall off the top. The masked men walk down to the ring. Maverick takes them both out via a suicide dive. Maverick proceeds to breast the breaks off of both men. Maverick rolls back into the ring and gets superkicked. Fantasma hits his finish for the win.

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