Effy’s Response to Tyrus’ Hate Speech: Confrontation with Billy Corgan

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Effy isn’t a fan of NWA President Billy Corgan.

On a recent edition of his “Weekend at EFFY’s” podcast, the indie wrestler revealed that he told Billy Corgan to “go f**k himself” due to his affiliation with far-right wrestler/political analyst and FOX News host Tyus. Effy said,


“You know what I told Billy Corgan? I said, ‘Go f**k yourself. They asked me to come work NWA. They begged. They had multiple people call me to come work NWA. You know what I said? I’m not helping you. They said Tyrus isn’t here anymore. You know what I said? You leaned into what Tyrus was doing, which was hate speech and FOX News bulls**t, for such a long period that it f**ked you, and now you want Effy to come in and fix things and go a PR job? No. I’m not helping you. I don’t need you, and I’m not helping your company look competent.”

He continued, “Then what happens? You blow your TV deal with the CW because oh, the GCW guys are all smoking crack? Is that the rumor going around? No, the NWA guys are doing fake cocaine live on the air and getting pulled off of FITE TV and losing their TV deals. Oh my god. You want Effy to come in? Alright, well guess what? It’s as easy as giving me $50 million, you stupid dumbass piece of s**t. Go be a rat in a cage, dumbass Billy Corgan, you f**king loser.”

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Effy, the indie wrestler, recently expressed his strong dislike for NWA President Billy Corgan. In an episode of his podcast, “Weekend at EFFY’s,” Effy revealed that he told Corgan to “go f**k himself” due to his association with far-right wrestler and FOX News host Tyus.

Effy shared that NWA had approached him multiple times, urging him to work for the organization. However, he declined the offers, stating that he didn’t want to help a company that had supported hate speech and promoted FOX News propaganda through Tyus. Effy criticized Corgan for leaning into Tyus’ controversial actions for an extended period, which ultimately damaged the reputation of NWA.

Furthermore, Effy pointed out that NWA had recently lost its TV deal with the CW network. He sarcastically mentioned rumors circulating about GCW wrestlers using drugs, but highlighted that it was the NWA wrestlers who were caught doing fake cocaine live on air and subsequently had their TV deals revoked. Effy emphasized that he had no interest in helping NWA regain its credibility and mocked Corgan, calling him a “stupid dumbass piece of s**t” and a “f**king loser.”

Effy’s strong words reflect his disappointment and disapproval of NWA’s actions and Corgan’s involvement. It is evident that Effy has no intention of associating himself with a company that he believes lacks competence and integrity.

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Note: The content presented in this article is based on a podcast episode and contains explicit language.