EFFY Discusses His Big Gay Brunch At This Week’s Collective Event

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EFFY Discusses His Big Gay Brunch At This Week’s Collective Event


Photo Credit: Speedy’s Productions

The Collective is sure aiming to put on a show this weekend as EFFY is adding his Big Gay Brunch to the smorgasbord of events in Indianapolis.

EFFY spoke with Out Sports to give his thoughts on putting on the show amidst the complications of having a pandemic, but also shared how heartbroken he was to have the original Collective event cancelled in Tampa, FL during WrestleMania weekend.

“I was way more bummed out for my friends and the talent that was booked on the card. For a lot of these people, it was going to be a huge shine moment for them,” EFFY told Outsports. “We don’t always have these big opportunities with this much hype and this many people talking about it. LGBTQ people, we’ve been the blip on the radar, but we don’t always have a time to let ourselves shine.”

Changes have been made to the original card due to not just travel restrictions, but the Speaking Out Movement which took over social media this summer. EFFY credits the tight window he had make plans for this event made him more capable to go with the flow of a very fluid situation.

“I feel so much more comfortable with the card because, by the time we decided we were doing this, I had a couple of weeks to put all of this together. So I couldn’t overthink anything,” EFFY said. “It’s going to be magic.”

EFFY himself was scheduled to face off against Priscilla Kelly, but due to a family emergency, Kelly had to pull herself from all of The Collective events she was scheduled for.

My heart is with @priscillakelly_ and we will have a replacement that will be very interesting! Send her love and trust me….it’ll still break the internet…

— EFFY (@EFFYlives) October 9, 2020

You can listen to the full interview conducted with EFFY below:

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