Edge: There’s Going To Be Things That You Used To See Me Do That Won’t Happen Now

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Edge: There’s Going To Be Things That You Used To See Me Do That Won’t Happen Now


Photo Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

The 2020 Royal Rumble saw the return to the wrestling ring of Edge. Now that he is back on a full-time basis, he is looking to change up his in-ring style from what he was known for in order to tell more stories via body language rather than the death-defying stunts that brought him to the main event scene over a decade ago.

Speaking with Bleacher Report, Edge recalled the mountain bike incident that got him interested in a return to the squared circle and also discussed how he intends to take his career to new heights now that he’s back on a semi-permanent basis.

“We went mountain biking, and I took a pretty good wipeout going down a mountain,” he began. “And I rolled right to my feet, and I felt fine. I had some road rash and still got some scars for it, but I was traveling 20-25 miles an hour and basically took an arm drag off a bike onto rocks and rolled right to my feet. And I went, ‘I feel okay. Huh?’ “Now don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely limitations. There’s going to be things that you used to see me do that won’t happen now. I want to be able to craft and tell more nuanced stories and tell more stories with my face and my eyes—definitely more than jumping off ladders.”

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Moving forward toward WrestleMania 36, Edge faces uncharted waters once again as he and Randy Orton will clash in a Last Man Standing bout inside of an empty WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Edge spoke about relishing the opportunities to do what has never been done and says he has confidence in not only himself but his dance partner, Randy Orton, that they will be able to create something special.

“I’m so proud of the whole story and process that we put together,” he admitted. “Is part of me disappointed that my first singles match back in nine years is in front of no audience, no live audience? Yeah, of course. You always thrive and feed off of that live reaction. That being said, again, it’s a challenge, and I have to look for the positives.

“How do we make the best of this? How do we turn this into chicken salad? That’s the goal. That’s a huge challenge. I get off on that. And I truly think that with a performer like Randy Orton, and knowing what I know and knowing what I feel and the ideas I have—man, I cannot wait for people to see this. I think I’m thinking of this in terms of storytelling and being able to emote with facial expressions and drama, and that is just so much fun to me.”

You can read the full interview here. The interview also features Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix, talking about her husband’s return and how honored she was to be a part of this story.