Edge Gives Seth Rollins A ‘Brood Bath’ On SmackDown

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Edge Gives Seth Rollins A ‘Brood Bath’ On SmackDown

seth rollins

Photo Credit: WWE

Seth Rollins made his way out to the ring tonight in an attempt to further taunt Edge ahead of their match at SummerSlam. Instead, the superstar got a blast from the past.

Coming down to the ring during tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Rollins launched into Edge, saying that the Rated-R superstar had already covered all of the excuses he’ll use for potentially losing to Rollins. The crowd continued to chant for Edge, which only made Rollins angrier, with the superstar saying that there was no shame in Edge going to his darkest place because it’s the only way he can get on Seth’s level.

However, as Rollins continued to talk, the theme music to The Brood began to play, with the entire arena bathed in red light. After some fire popped up on the titantron, Edge appeared, telling him that “the freaks” come out at night before Rollins was drenched by a “bloodbath” that dropped from the ceiling, in a call back to Edge’s Brood days with Gangrel.

"Beware. Take care. Because the freaks come out at night." 😱 @EdgeRatedR @WWERollins #SmackDown #SummerSlam pic.twitter.com/GqSTzeLHji

— WWE (@WWE) August 21, 2021

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