Edge Gets Stretched To The Back After Randy Orton Attack (Video)

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Edge Gets Stretched To The Back After Randy Orton Attack (Video)


(Photo by Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

WWE.com did an exclusive for the company’s YouTube channel in which cameras caught all the aftermath of Randy Orton’s treacherous attack on a returning Edge.

In the closing minutes of the show, Orton came out during Edge’s promo to the fans and he two shared what to seem like a heartfelt embrace. Orton then even pitched to Edge a reunion of Rated RKO but seconds later caught Edge with an RKO before extolling a vicious beatdown with a steel chair. The Viper ever-lived up to his reputation as vicious as he put a heavy focus of chair shots on the neck & head of his former friend before wedging Edge’s head between the chair for one final blow. Orton, however called an audible and pulled a page out of Edge’s book to deliver a devastating con-chair-to rendering The Rated R Superstar completely helpless.

The six-minute clip below shows Edge being stretchered to the back of an ambulance as much of the RAW roster (Rey Mysterio included) watches on.

Don’t miss the aftermath of Randy Orton’s sadistic assault on Edge following the conclusion of Monday Night Raw.

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