Edge Fondly Remembers Owen Hart

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Edge Fondly Remembers Owen Hart


Photo Credit: WWE.com

Inside The Ropes recently uploaded a clip from a live show where Edge reminisced about Owen Hart. Here are some highlights:

On Owen Hart’s mentorship:

Edge: “Owen, you know, really took Jay and I under his wing in terms of travel because he always connected through Toronto. So he’d always meet up with us, and if anything went wrong with flights, he’d show us what we could do to get on this flight, to get on that flight or he’d do it for us. He was always there to try and make everyone laugh, you know? But you know, at the end of the day, he always just wanted to get home to his kids, you know? And what was so much fun wrestling Owen is that we could have a match like we did at In Your House in Hamilton and man, just go and wrestle. And I knew, if I came up with an idea, I knew Owen would just be able to pull it off because he’s Owen you know, and so you could have those type of matches with him. And I almost think, you know, little off topic, but after that match we had at Breakdown, you know, he had a little bit of a sore groin that night, he was all taped up and he came to the back. And I had these ideas because I dreamt of wrestling Owen Hart. You know, he was one of the people that, when I would sit there and think about putting together matches while I’m driving, or just day dreaming where I’m sitting in class, be like, ‘Right Owen and I could do this, could do that, what if we did this, what if we do that?’ So now I have this opportunity, so I pitch all these ideas and he’s like, ‘Cool, let’s do it,’ and he came to the back and he’s like, ‘Man that was so much fun. I actually got to wrestle.’ That was a huge compliment. And I’ll never forget that.”

On Owen Hart’s comedic side:

Edge: “But I’ll also never forget the other side of Owen in a wrestling match. And he would do everything he could, especially on house shows, where you could just kinda let your hair down and not take it maybe quite as serious. And, you know, Jeff talked about it in his Hall of Fame speech a little bit, but we had a match in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Jay and I were going up in the corners for the ten punches, and I just remember like Jeff’s head kinda being down in my crotch, and I was like, ‘That’s an odd placement for his head. Huh.’ And I come down, and I look, and sure enough, he’s got a clown nose on. I look to the other side, and Owen has a clown nose on, and I was like, ‘Those sons of b——’. So of course, we shoot them together, both noses fly up in the air and just like pure stupidity. And Owen reminded you not to take it too seriously, you know, to remind you that this is a dream gig, and it’s fun, and not to forget that it should be fun at the end of the day. And that last night that we wrestled him in Chicago, obviously all unbeknownst to us, he was just in full form. And I have a picture, Jay and I are shooting him into the rope for a double hip toss, and he would do this thing where he’d bug his eyes out, he’d mess his hair up and then put gel in it so it’d be like sticking straight up in all these different directions. He’d wear like a ‘I am not a nugget’ T-shirt, and keep it on, and then he’d wear his blue blazer boots which didn’t match the T-shirt at all, and then he’d wear like these red trunks, and I was like, What?’ And he did it purely for us. And then we’d shoot him into the ropes, and he’d go, ‘Woah, woah, woah,’ and just start high-stepping for no reason whatsoever, and just come running back to us, ‘Woah,woah, woah,’ and then he’d stop. And rather than take the hip toss, he’d grab us and go, ‘Coco-butt,’ and jump up and headbutt us. There’s nothing you can do to that, you just have to laugh.”

Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes also passed along a highlight, in which Edge recalls the night Owen passed away. Transcription credit of Kenny McIntosh.

Edge: “‘We’d actually left the building because we weren’t on the show and I think Luna called Dave (Gangrel) because we were riding together and told us and we went to the hospital. Jeff was the only one there and we just sat. We knew but we just sat there. We sat there for hours just thinking that can’t be real, how is that real? Even to this day, it just doesn’t seem real.'”

The full video is available here.

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