Edge Explains How Music Influenced Him, Says Heavy Metal Was The Bedrock Of His Character

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Edge Explains How Music Influenced Him, Says Heavy Metal Was The Bedrock Of His Character


Photo Credit: WWE.com

Music has been a major influence in Edge’s professional wrestling career.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently spoke with Revolver Magazine and explained how much of an influence metal music has had in his character work over his legendary pro wrestling career.

“Heavy metal and rock music was the bedrock for Edge — it’s where it all came from. Everything about creating that character in the beginning, metal was such a huge part of what I wanted to convey. There was a little bit of a Type O Negative vibe, some Nine Inch Nails in there. And then there was also Blade in there, and the Lost Boys. Then there’s the visuals: the circle of fire, and that’s something that you could see at a metal show. It became part of our presentation. I’m also wearing a PVC trench coat, we all got long hair and we’re spitting blood so there’s elements of KISS, Marilyn Manson and Bowie. Then when I look at what the genesis is of Edge and Christian, well, that’s sort of based off Bill & Ted. Which is so heavily influenced by the music, by the soundtracks. You think of the Bogus Journey soundtrack, it’s ridiculous. Faith No More, Megadeth, Kiss. It’s amazing! And really, heavy metal became a template for a lot of the decisions where to go.

“When I broke off from Edge and Christian, Rob Zombie was my entrance music and that was important to me. Because that sets the tone, and it also sets the tone for me as a performer because I need something that is going to jump me up. I had some great advice from [wrestler] Michael Hayes, which was “the more you give the audience, the more you’re going to get back.” So from that day forward, I came flying through that curtain and I ran side to side, but the music is what’s going to help me do that. From Rob Zombie then to Alter Bridge, and I realize now the serendipity of getting that song and those lyrics, and that riff and Myles [Kennedy, Alter Bridge singer] peeling the paint off the walls, that’s when I realized this is now my music for the rest of my career, because it just fits. And I know it fits when I have fans come up and ask, “Did you sing that?” [Laughs] Seriously, when people start to relate to you through the music like that, you know it’s the right place to be.”

Edge would go on to discuss what it was like to meet Rob Zombie and how he was introduced to metal music outside of the ring.

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