Edge Compares His Rivalry With Roman Reigns To His Past Feuds And Where It Ranks

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Edge Compares His Rivalry With Roman Reigns To His Past Feuds And Where It Ranks


Photo Credit: WWE

Edge has been attempting to rattle Roman Reigns for the last two weeks, showing up at Friday Night SmackDown to torment his family and try and force Reigns to meet him in the ring. Ahead of their WWE Universal Championship match at WWE Money in the Bank, Edge spoke at WWE’s Talking Smack, and ranked where his rivalry with Reigns would fit in his long career.

Speaking with Pat McAfee, Edge spoke about how he needs to dip into a “different place” when he’s faced with talents like Roman Reigns. He acknowledged that the line between good and evil is paper-thin and that when someone like Reigns comes around, he’s forced to tear through that paper. “I know what he brings to the table,” Edge said of Reigns. “I know he calls himself the Head of the Table, and I can appreciate everything that he’s trying to say, and he believes everything that he says. But I’ve been there, done that. I’ve won 31 championships in this company, that’s more than anyone else, and I’m sorry I don’t count the 24/7 Championship. So I’ve won 31 championships here, nobody else has done that, there’s a reason.”

Edge then said at Money in the Bank, he doesn’t think Roman fully comprehends what he’ll bring with him into the match. He went on to say that despite losing to Reigns at WrestleMania 37, he never doubted himself, and simply had to lock in and find the person that would do the unhinged things he’s done in the past.

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