Eddie Kingston Was ‘Humbled’ By Fans Calling For AEW To Sign Him

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Eddie Kingston Was ‘Humbled’ By Fans Calling For AEW To Sign Him

Eddie Kingston Cody AEW Dynamite

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Eddie Kingston was one of the few people to challenge Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship and earn a contract with AEW. That signing came following an outcry of support from fans wanting to see the veteran of the ring get signed by a major promotion.

Speaking with FanSided, Eddie Kingston spoke about how much that support meant to him after all of the work he’s put into his career as a pro wrestler.

“That was very humbling and surprising. I didn’t think that many fans cared, to be honest. It blew me away,” he said. “I said this in other interviews too. I’m getting hit up and they’re telling me, ‘oh, you’re trending,’ and they think this is a joke, but I really didn’t know. I go, ‘oh, so I’m trending, does that mean I get extra money? Do they send me a check? Does Twitter send me a check for trending?’ I don’t know. I don’t get that kind of stuff. You could call me a boomer, I guess. I don’t know even what that is, but to me, I didn’t know.”

“God, was it humbling. To the point where I think it was two weeks after everything and I finally officially signed, I was in Montana with my girlfriend taking a vacation and I just broke down crying. She was like ‘are you okay?’ And I was like ‘yeah, I’m fine, it just kinda hit me now that, okay, people do care, and now I have a contract.’ It just hit me that I’m on national television and I finally have a contract with a big company,” Kingston said. “And I just remember wiping the tears away and looking at her and just going ‘I love you, but now the real work begins.’ And she’s a BJJ black belt, so she was just like ‘yep, let’s get to work.’ And I was just like ‘oh, I guess I do have to get to work.’ So that was it.”

Kingston would also say that AEW is his final stop in wrestling and he doesn’t have any intentions of going anywhere else. WrestleZone will have live play-by-play of AEW Dynamite beginning tonight at 8 p.m.