Eddie Kingston Unphased By PAC’s Return, His Only Focus Is On Full Gear (And Dethroning Jon Moxley)

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Eddie Kingston Unphased By PAC’s Return, His Only Focus Is On Full Gear (And Dethroning Jon Moxley)

Eddie Kingston‘s only focus is on the 7th of November when he finally clashes with Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at Full Gear.

Kingston recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard ahead of AEW‘s next pay-per-view and said he doesn’t worry about any of the noise or feedback about him because he’s dialed in on his title match and the only thing he’s in control of is himself. Kingston says he’s ready to fight and believes he’s the best wrestler in the world, so Moxley can bring his Paradigm Shift or his weapons, but he’s just going to fight.

“Maybe Jon will bring them into play, but I’m not planning on bringing any tables or ladders or chairs. I’m just planning on bringing my fists, my legs, elbows and headbutts, biting, scratching and clawing—I’m just going to fight,” Kingston said. “Jon can bring toys, because that’s all they are—toys. My hands and the bridge of your nose is not a toy, so I’ll let Jon bring all of the toys.”

When asked if the blame would lie with Moxley if he loses after introducing weapons, Kingston said he’s not going to point the finger at anyone else—he’s just going to mess the AEW World Champion up.

“Look—I don’t know if I’m going to blame him or what, because I don’t know and I don’t care what Jon does. He’s not going to be able to handle me and that’s the God’s honest truth. He could go out there and bring a magic wand and shove it up his ass and pray to it that he’s going to win,” Kingston said. “but it’s not going to happen. I’m not going to blame him, I don’t blame nobody for nothing. I’m just going to mess the boy up.”

Kingston also spoke about talked about his training for the bout, simply stating that he’s out to hurt his former friend. Kingston says the World Championship does play an important role in his motivation for the match, but alluded to Moxley also making some false promises that he couldn’t come through on.

“Y’all think this is a game, you think this is pro wrestling but I’m going to hurt this dude. You don’t understand, he said some stuff to me in the past and then none of it came true. That’s my problem,” Kingston said, “Don’t say something if you ain’t going to do it. That’s my main beef with Mox—that and the World Championship—but my main beef with him is if you say something you better do it and if you don’t, I’m going to be the one to check you.”

PAC’s return was announced last week, and Kingston was asked if the “missing piece” of the Death Triangle is on his radar. Kingston says he remains unmoved by PAC’s return and the only thing he is focused on is beating Jon Moxley.

“I don’t care what things PAC wants to do, what things he has to do or when he’s coming back. I don’t care because my only focus is on the 7th. PAC could come back tomorrow, next week, the pay-per-view, whenever, he could come out there with fireworks coming out of his ass but I don’t care because my main focus is Jon Moxley. I don’t care. I don’t care about PAC, I don’t care about Lance Archer, I don’t care about anybody in that company but my family and Moxley right now,” Kingston said. “After I’m done beating Moxley, whoever is the next number one contender, then I’ll deal with you. But until then, get out of my way, you hold no weight in my house. Anybody—PAC, Lance Archer, anybody. They don’t hold any weight.”

Before AEW Full Gear, Kingston and Moxley will have a final face-off on Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite. Kingston offered a preview of sorts, bluntly noting that fans should watch Dynamite and see what he says—and what happens.

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