Eddie Kingston Shares The Significance Behind The Rosaries He Wears To The Ring

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Eddie Kingston Shares The Significance Behind The Rosaries He Wears To The Ring

Eddie Kingston AEW Full Gear

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Eddie Kingston is set to face the self-proclaimed “God’s Favorite Champion” in Miro at AEW All Out, but it may actually be Eddie who has the Man Upstairs on his side come September 5.

Kingston came to the aid of Fuego Del Sol after Miro disrespectfully unmasked the newly signed star on the 8/27 episode of Rampage. Instead of speaking his mind, Kingston went on the attack and amidst the fight, Miro threw off Eddie’s rosaries he wears to the ring. This is after Miro deemed Eddie the “original sinner” on AEW Dynamite stating that he’d forgiven Fuego del Sol, but not the Mad King.

In a July interview with Dominic & Marcus DeAngelo of WrestleZone’s 2 Dynamite Dudes On A Rampage, Eddie told the brothers why he wears the holy beads around his neck and the special significance they have to him;

“The way I grew up, I went to two Catholic schools or I went to one, the high schools I got kicked out of, (I think there was two or three) and my parents were like, ‘No, you’re going to Catholic school, bro.’ My parents knew if I went to public school, I wasn’t going to class.”

“It’s just who I am,” he continued. “The rosaries have been blessed by the Pope and a very close friend gave them to me. Another one is from a wrestler’s daughter who gave them to me so that’s why I keep them on, going out. It’s not a branding or marketing thing. Whatever you see me wear is me. You know what I mean? There’s no one in the back going, ‘Ahhh, maybe you wear this.'”

Kingston has been a major fan favorite since saving Jon Moxley at AEW Revolution and earlier in the conversation he shared what it’s like to get that reaction.

“Lemme tell you something, I used to hate fans. Man, have I changed my tune because when you’re out there fighting and there’s no crowd it’s different, you know? Even with a crowd, you’re still in there to fight, you’re still in there to win, but man, I did not think this was real. I did not think this, really didn’t think this whole energy thing was real, but my God man, at the PPV, Double or Nothing, in fact I think it was 5,000 (I don’t know it was a lot) you could feel that energy when me and Moxley came out.”

“I don’t smile when I’m in the ring cause I gotta go to work, I gotta fight, this is it, but I couldn’t help it because of the energy. There’s two pictures of me like showing you all my teeth, I don’t like that, but I felt the energy…'”

You can check out the full interview with Eddie in the video above.

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

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