Eddie Kingston Shares His Career’s Most Embarrassing Moment, Alongside Stephanie Vaquer’s Remark

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On a recent edition of the “CMLL Informa” podcast, CMLL World Women’s Champion Stephanie Vaquer offered her thoughts on fans’ reactions to her potentially appearing in AEW via CMLL’s partnership. Vaquer said,

“I was very surprised by the embrace from the public from when I went to NJPW. When CMLL announced their partnership with AEW, everyone on Twitter was tagging me saying ‘We want Stephanie!’


Many people in the United States want it and keep sending me messages about it, and I would be proud to represent CMLL, whether in Japan or the United States, and I mean that wholeheartedly.”

Vaquer will challenge Mayu Iwatani for the IWGP Women’s Championship at NJPW Lonestar Shootout 2023.

On a recent edition of the “Wilde On” podcast, ROH World Champion and NJPW Strong Openweight Champion Eddie Kingston revealed the most embarrassing wrestling moment of his career.

Kingston discussed the unfortunate moment, blaming a wedding hangover, and a suplex involving a wrestler named Bandido (not the one currently signed to AEW). He said,

“Before the match, we had a wedding the day before the show. It was Monsta Mack’s wedding, so me, Homicide, Low Ki, a bunch of the guys were at the wedding, and we all drank a lot. Then we had the wrestling the next day. I’m hungover, and I told Bandido [Jr., aka Eddie Orengo], who’s now in WWE as a referee, and Azrieal. They were going to suplex me on the floor and I said, ‘Hey do me a favor, just snap suplex me…cause I’m not feeling too hot.’ ‘Okay, okay, okay.’ Well, they do it, and I s**t myself.

[With] eight more minutes to go I think…I put Bandido, I think, or Azrieal, one of them in a head scissors after it. I went, ‘You smell that? I told you not [to]. What the f**k.’ I tagged out, we did the match. It was in the Rahway Rec Center, and I just ran right to the shower. I was in the dark, took everything off in the shower. Had my boots on taking the shower. That’s probably the most embarrassing thing that happened to me in wrestling.”

Kingston teamed with B-Boy and defeated Azrieal & Bandido Jr. in tag team action.

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The world of professional wrestling is filled with exciting moments, unexpected twists, and sometimes, embarrassing mishaps. In a recent podcast interview, CMLL World Women’s Champion Stephanie Vaquer shared her thoughts on fans’ reactions to her potential appearance in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) through CMLL’s partnership.

Vaquer expressed her surprise and gratitude for the overwhelming support she received from fans when she made her debut in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). She mentioned how fans on Twitter were tagging her and expressing their desire to see her in AEW. Vaquer stated that she would be proud to represent CMLL, whether in Japan or the United States, and she genuinely meant it.

The partnership between CMLL and AEW has created a buzz among wrestling enthusiasts, as it opens up new possibilities for cross-promotional matches and talent exchanges. Fans are excited to see their favorite wrestlers from different promotions come together and showcase their skills in the ring.

In another podcast interview, ROH World Champion and NJPW Strong Openweight Champion Eddie Kingston shared his most embarrassing wrestling moment. Kingston blamed a wedding hangover and a suplex gone wrong for the unfortunate incident. He revealed that after a night of heavy drinking at Monsta Mack’s wedding, he was feeling hungover during his match. Kingston asked his opponents, Bandido Jr. (not the one currently signed to AEW) and Azrieal, to perform a snap suplex on him instead of a regular one due to his condition. However, things didn’t go as planned, and Kingston ended up soiling himself during the match.

Despite the embarrassing incident, Kingston managed to finish the match and even joked about it afterward. He admitted that it was the most embarrassing thing that had happened to him in his wrestling career. This incident serves as a reminder that even professional wrestlers face unexpected challenges and mishaps in the ring.

Both Vaquer and Kingston’s stories highlight the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling and the dedication of wrestlers to entertain their fans, even in less-than-ideal circumstances. These incidents also showcase the camaraderie and support within the wrestling community, as fans continue to rally behind their favorite wrestlers and promotions.

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In conclusion, the world of professional wrestling is full of surprises, and sometimes, even embarrassing moments. Wrestlers like Stephanie Vaquer and Eddie Kingston continue to captivate audiences with their skills and dedication, despite facing unexpected challenges. The partnership between CMLL and AEW opens up new opportunities for wrestlers to showcase their talents on a global stage. So, keep an eye out for exciting cross-promotional matches and the continued growth of the wrestling industry.