Eddie Kingston On Being Authentic In The Ring, Colt Cabana Paving The Way And More

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Eddie Kingston On Being Authentic In The Ring, Colt Cabana Paving The Way And More

Eddie Kingston

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Eddie Kingston recently appeared on The Chris Van Vliet Show, where he discussed several topics. Kingston described his promo style and shared why he postponed his retirement. Here are some highlights:

On being authentic in the ring:

Kingston: “A lot of times I tell a lot of young guys, we can all do cool moves, well, not me anymore, but I can throw a cool suplex or I could do a cool spot but would I really do that in real life? I understand this is pro wrestling, but I try to bring what I would do in real life.”

On his promos:

Kingston: “Well, I got the arrogant thing from when I got into any argument with any of my exes back in the day. They used to tell me what they hated was, when I got really mad, I would become cocky. So they would yell and scream and I’d be like ‘Oh yeah, that’s right yeah, so that’s how you really feel? No, no, sweetie you’re right, I’m wrong, I’m always wrong, you know what, f— me right, I’m wrong,’ and they would just go nuts. So in my head I was like, if that drives them nuts, that’s gonna drive everybody else crazy, so I’ll throw that in, you know what I mean? Or I guess when I’m a good guy, a baby face, I act the same regardless, you know what I mean?”

On when he saw indie wrestling becoming more sustainable for making a living:

Kingston: “I think Colt Cabana really started it, you know what I mean, because Cabana’s a go-getter, man, with the podcast and the selling of the shirts and Pro Wrestling Tees and all that. Cabana kinda started that path for guys, you know that I mean? So if you wanna make money as an indie wrestler, Colt Cabana made that path and then you just gotta do it your own way. It was like Cabana and then The Bucks came out of nowhere, you know, not out of nowhere, I’m close with them, they’ve done great for years but then the T-Shirts started for them….”

Here’s the full episode:

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