Eddie Kingston Keeps His AEW Debut Boots As A ‘Reminder’; What He’s Learned About Himself Since Signing With The Company

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Eddie Kingston Keeps His AEW Debut Boots As A ‘Reminder’; What He’s Learned About Himself Since Signing With The Company

Eddie Kingston

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Eddie Kingston is indeed someone who has paid his dues before he was signed by AEW in July of 2020 and he’s certain to have a constant reminder with him as he steps into the ring every week.

“The Mad King” recently spoke with Marcus & Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone’s 2 Dynamite Dudes With Attitude about why he makes a point to hold onto the ring boots he’s had since first debuting in AEW when he challenged Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship last year.

“The reason why I still have the same boots that I have now (cause I can get new ones, thank God, I’m blessed for that, let’s be real) I keep those boots because those are the boots I first wore on national television, (a), and (b), they are a reminder of where I had to come from and never to forget where I had to come from. I had to wrestle in those boots, the first time I put them on, they were tight, they weren’t loose, everything was off and I’m in there fighting to get the TNT Title, to get the contract, to get the pay day, whatever you want to call it, you know? So that’s why I keep those boots.

“They’re not the prettiest, but they’re reminders. There are a reminder of where I came from and where I could go back to,” he adds.

Eddie does feel extremely fortunate that his life was so productive during overall what was a very difficult year in 2020.

“Yeah 2020, man, has taught I think the whole world something, whether good or bad, you know what I’m saying? I’m one of the few that got lucky that I was able to strive during the pandemic and I’m one of the few, I don’t know a lot of people,” he said.

“It forced me to mature, I’ll put it to you like that. It forced me to focus on what’s more important. In life, in life. It’s helped me (a) in my personal life and (b) it’s without a doubt helped me in my career. I read this the other day – we’re not a finished product, man. At any point and time I could go back to old me and I don’t want that, but it’s a struggle dog. I got demons, things go down the way they do, but you gotta move forward man, you gotta move forward man. 2020, man, could we please forward from that year? Is there anyway we could just leave whatever that was back there?

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Check out the full interview with Eddie Kingston above and latest episode of 2 Dynamite Dudes With Attitude below: