Eddie Kingston Doesn’t Blame Referee Bryce Remsberg For His Loss At AEW All Out

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Eddie Kingston Doesn’t Blame Referee Bryce Remsberg For His Loss At AEW All Out

eddie kingston

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

AEW referee Bryce Remsberg has been the source of plenty of blame, and even some criticism, due to his role in the conclusion of the AEW TNT Championship bout at the All Out pay-per-view. But Eddie Kingston, the man who came out on the losing side of the contest, publicly freed Remsberg of any blame through a post on Twitter.

In the show-opening match at All Out, Eddie Kingston put up a valiant fight, but he lost to the defending champion, Miro, when Remsberg stopped the challenger from using an exposed turnbuckle; in doing so, he indirectly allowed Miro to hit a low blow, and “The Redeemer” promptly kicked Kingston and pinned him for the win.

This climactic moment wasn’t the first time Remsberg somewhat cost Kingston the match, at least in the fans’ eyes. Earlier in the bout, Kingston had Miro pinned, but Remsberg, distracted by the aforementioned exposed turnbuckle, was slow to the count, and this hesitation might have given Miro enough time to recover.

On Friday, several days after the pay-per-view, Kingston openly stated that Remsberg isn’t responsible for his loss; instead, he put the blame on his own shoulders by admitting that he should have utilized his signature DDT or backfist, rather than the piledriver. In short, “The Mad King” simply stated that Remsberg did his job on Sunday.

Ugh to be honest it wasn't @dabryceisright fault I lost at the PPV. I should of ended it sooner or right after. Instead of going for the piledriver( which I have only done once in my career. ) Should of done another DDT or Backfist or the Half Nelson Suplex. Bryce did his job.

— Eddie Kingston #BlackLivesMatter (@MadKing1981) September 10, 2021

Miro and Kingston targeted each other in promos during this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, so it’s fair to wonder whether the two foes will meet in a rematch. If they do, whether Remsberg is the official or not, Kingston will likely use his loss at AEW All Out as a lesson.

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