Eddie Kingston Discusses Tony Khan’s Hesitation in Expanding AEW to Japan

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In a recent appearance on AdFreeShows, Eddie Kingston shared that he has been trying to get AEW President Tony Khan to run shows in Japan for quite some time now. Khan, however, for reasons unbeknownst, remains reluctant. Kingston said,

Nippon Budokan is the place I want to wrestle at. I’ve been trying to drop hints to Tony [Tony Khan], but I don’t think that will ever work. ‘Tony, you know, maybe you run Sumo Hall and the next night, you run Nippon Budokan.’ He’s always like, ‘uh huh.’ He hears this every f***ing Wednesday and when I’m there Saturdays, he hears it Saturday. ‘Yeah, yeah, whatever you want.’ I know what it is, I know, but if I don’t throw it out in the universe, no one else will.”


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Eddie Kingston, a professional wrestler in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently expressed his desire for AEW President Tony Khan to organize shows in Japan. Kingston has been trying to convince Khan to run events in Japan, specifically at the prestigious Nippon Budokan venue. However, Khan seems reluctant to pursue this idea, leaving Kingston frustrated.

The Nippon Budokan is an iconic venue in Tokyo, Japan, known for hosting various martial arts events, concerts, and other performances. It holds a special place in the hearts of wrestling fans as it has witnessed some legendary matches throughout history. Wrestlers from around the world aspire to perform at this renowned arena.

Kingston’s desire to wrestle at the Nippon Budokan reflects his passion for the sport and his ambition to leave a mark on the wrestling industry. He has been dropping hints to Khan, suggesting that AEW should consider organizing shows in Japan. Kingston’s proposal includes running events at Sumo Hall and Nippon Budokan on consecutive nights, providing fans with an unforgettable wrestling experience.

Despite Kingston’s persistent efforts, Khan has not shown much enthusiasm for the idea. Kingston believes that Khan hears his requests but does not take them seriously. This lack of response has left Kingston feeling frustrated and unsure of why Khan remains reluctant to explore the Japanese market.

Running shows in Japan could be a significant opportunity for AEW to expand its global reach and attract a new fanbase. Japan has a rich wrestling history and a passionate fan following. By organizing events in Japan, AEW could tap into this market and create exciting cross-cultural matchups between Japanese and international wrestlers.

While Kingston’s pleas may not have convinced Khan yet, it is essential to remember that running shows in a foreign country involves numerous logistical challenges. Organizing events in Japan would require careful planning, coordination with local promoters, and understanding the cultural nuances of the Japanese wrestling scene.

It is possible that Khan is aware of these challenges and wants to ensure that AEW is fully prepared before venturing into Japan. Building a strong foundation in the United States and establishing AEW as a major player in the wrestling industry may be Khan’s current priority.

Despite the current reluctance, Kingston remains hopeful that his dream of wrestling at the Nippon Budokan will come true. He believes in the power of putting his desires out into the universe and hopes that by doing so, he can manifest this opportunity for himself and his fellow wrestlers.

In conclusion, Eddie Kingston’s desire to have AEW run shows in Japan, specifically at the Nippon Budokan, showcases his passion for wrestling and his ambition to leave a mark on the industry. While AEW President Tony Khan has remained reluctant thus far, there may be various reasons behind his hesitation. Running shows in Japan would present exciting opportunities for AEW, but it is crucial to approach international expansion with careful planning and consideration. Only time will tell if AEW will eventually venture into Japan and fulfill Kingston’s dream of wrestling at the prestigious Nippon Budokan.