EC3 & Vince Russo Discuss Issues Of Betting On Wrestling Matches

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As noted, WWE is reportedly trying to have gambling on pro wrestling matches legalized in Colorado and Michigan and have even registered with the Indiana Gaming Commission.

On the latest edition of Sportskeeda’s “The Wrestling Outlaws” podcast, EC3 and Vince Russo discussed some potential issues that could come out of this, including those in higher-up positions being able to rig outcomes to “line their pockets.”

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

EC3 on the issue with betting on matches: “How many different ways can this go? People in positions of power can rig the outcomes to line their pockets. ‘Hey, Spud, who’s going over in the Roman Reigns match? Alright, clue me for 20 percent, you bet it.’ And then what about this? I’m a talent, okay, and I’m gonna win, and there’s some sort of regulations, some sort of structure that the finishes can’t be changed like the bets lay. What’s gonna stop me from throwing, I don’t know, six figs on me losing and whoops, forgot to kick out. My bad.”

Vince Russo on Disco Inferno betting on matches: “Bro, this was going on while I was in TNA. I left TNA in 2012. So this was going on twelve-fifteen years ago. Bro, listen, here’s the scoop of the day. Bro, Glenn [Gilbertti] – otherwise known as the Disco Inferno – was on the booking committee placing these bets, bro. Placing these bets, doing exactly what EC3 just said.”

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