EC3 Shares A ‘Storied History’ With Shane Taylor, But They Were Never Friends

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EC3 Shares A ‘Storied History’ With Shane Taylor, But They Were Never Friends


Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

The enigma known as EC3 is set for action against Moose at tonight’s Bound for Glory PPV, but IMPACT isn’t his only home at the moment. He recently made his debut in Ring of Honor, calling out several of their top stars in the ring and making his presence felt. One name he didn’t mention was Shane Taylor, and the former TV Champ was none too pleased about that.

Confronting EC3 alongside The Soldiers of Savagery backstage, his boasts were overheard by a particularly eager Briscoe Bros, which seemingly sets up a six-man tag down the road.

EC3 and The Briscoes vs Shane Taylor and SOS??

Take my money! 💵💵💵

Do you want to see this match?? Let us know by replying to this tweet ⬇️

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) October 20, 2020

Speaking with Kevin Eck on ROH’s website, EC3 reveals that this isn’t the first time he’s run into Shane Taylor in his wrestling exploits, saying that he was in the same Cleveland wrestling scene that he started on.

I think the man who originally trained me had a hand in training him. … He was young, he was hungry, and I always appreciated that. He wanted to get better and move on, and he’s done a great job with that.

However, while they were wrestling acquaintances, the two never really saw eye to eye

Part of me is very proud of the man he became, as far as a professional and making the noise he’s made. He’s been a champion here. He’s really put himself on the map. And then the other part of me is kind of dissuaded by his overall attitude towards things.

EC3 is the new fish in the ROH pond, so Shane may see his actions as trying to ensure that talent from other promotions can’t just drift into ROH without a fight. As far as the fans are concerned, seeing EC3 strut his stuff in the ring against game opponents like Taylor is all that matters.

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