EC3 Reflects Back On NXT Run Before Taking ‘Final Form’ In Latest Vignette

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EC3 Reflects Back On NXT Run Before Taking ‘Final Form’ In Latest Vignette


Photo: EC3

Wrestling free agent EC3 has not been afraid to fully embrace his “control your narrative” mantra and his latest video aims to hammer that point home.

The clip starts off with EC3 facing a wall before the “NX3” logo projects onto it. We then see snippets of him standing tall under the black & gold brand before the imagery shifts to him getting physically devastated at different points throughout his run in NXT. Meanwhile, EC3 narrates what one needs to be do in order to be “reborn” as a new individual and become “transcendent” in “your final form.”

If you are going to truly evolve, you have to admit who you are. Not just to yourself. To everyone.⁣

— I|I essential character I|I (@therealec3) June 24, 2020

Just last week, EC3 released a video teasing the notion of having Ring Of Honor on the brain as that familiar logo showed up on that very same wall he was staring at. In other clips, he’s touched upon certain societal topics that happen to control one’s narrative and even had a vignette paying tribute to his former NXT colleagues now turned All Eliters, FTR. EC3 was one of the several names to be released by WWE back on April 15, but has also been one of the few to consistently release content in building hype for where a potential landing spot might be for him.

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